At Hammer Memorial UMC, we offer many opportunities for members to serve the Lord, in all sorts of capacities.  As we disciple our church, it is the hope that because we love the Lord, we will look for ways to show our commitment to Him and to our fellow Christians.  Following is a list of ways people can serve, from the youngest to the oldest:
Children’s Time- During each Sunday morning worship, there is a time slot for a children’s story. Children from tiny tots to middle elementary join in during this time, which also includes “treats” for the kids. The story lessons (and treats) are as varied as the people who do them!  
Children’s Church- Children’s church is for kids ages 3-7, and is held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with this important ministry.
Candlelighters Candlelighters bring in the “light of the world” each Sunday morning at the beginning of the service, light the candles on the altar, and carry out the “light” at the end of the service.  Any child of school age who wishes to serve as a candlelighter may sign up to do so.  
Ushers Ushers sign up for a month of Sundays at a time.  Often couples volunteer, or family members, or just good friends!  Usually, there is a list that comes around every few months to sign up, but if you have a nudge in your heart, and a willingness to greet people and show them the ropes, contact our Lay Leader, Tony Washburn 660-535-4986, and he will be glad to get you started!
Liturgists- The liturgist is the person who walks us through the order of worship every Sunday; reads the Scripture lesson, takes up the offering, does the announcements, etc., the “front man” for the pastor.  It does require that you be able to talk in front of people and you will be called on to pray at offering time.  Many people have overcome fears of being in front of a crowd by volunteering to be liturgist, and the Lord will bless you for attempting it!  Tony Washburn is the contact for this also.
 Music Team- The Music Team currently is made up of four members of the choir, who take turns, a month at a time, making sure there is Special Music on Sunday morning.  There is a list that is passed every couple of months during church, and when the list does not get filled that way, we start calling people!
Volunteers are needed to BE on the list, and to help find other people to be on the list as well!  Contact Joy Holeman if you would like to serve as part of the music team @660-535-6270.
Share Your Talents- We have had all sorts of presentations during special music time, children’s handbell choir, accordions, harmonicas, vocal music, liturgical dances, poetry readings, dramatic readings and interpretive skits.  We invite you to share your talent, whatever that might be, with our congregation.  Please contact one of the members of the music team (above) if you have an idea, or something to present.  We will get you on the schedule!
Sunday School Teachers- We are always in search of Sunday School teachers, especially for children’s classes. Many volunteer to do this on a part-time, or rotating basis, so if you are willing to sacrifice some of your time to further the Biblical education of our children, we would love to have you serve in this very important work!  Contact Sue Washburn, 660-535-4796, if you are being led to be a teacher!
Youth Group Volunteers-  There are two categories of youth groups at Hammer.  3rd-6th grade, and 7-12. They meet on Sunday evenings: 3-6 grades meet at 6:00 pm on the 1st & 3rd Sundays, 7-12 meet at 6:45 pm every Sunday.  Meals are provided at 6:45 pm for both groups.  Kolby Lewis is our youth director and he would appreciate volunteer assistance, any time!  Contact him at 660-483-0642.
In the Methodist conference, the safety of our children and youth is of utmost importance, and the current policies are that if you have both boys and girls at an event, there must be both a male and female sponsor, Safe Sanctuary certified.  Safe Sanctuary certification is not a hard thing to do, but does take a couple of hours out of your time, and is done on-line.