Children’s Church
Sunday School Sunday School is one of the most important ministries we offer our children.  It has always been at the forefront of our children’s religious education.  Here is where the Bible stories are taught and reinforced, the doctrines of the church are introduced, and children are able to question and learn at their own pace.  Teachers are also learners; these are caring volunteers who give of their time and energy to help disciple our kids in order to develop a love of the Bible and its teachings.
CCY (Community Christian Youth) CCY is for youth, ages 3rd grade through seniors in high school.  There are two groups, 3rd grade through 6th grade, and 7-12. 3rd-6th grade meets at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the church on the first and third Sundays, and is currently led by Kolby Lewis, with parent volunteers when needed.  CCY is many things.  There is worship, there is study, and there is a lot of fellowship!  We believe that fellowship is very important to our church family, and that our children should feel this bond with fellow Christians early in life.  Youth are encouraged to take an active role in the church, to seek opportunities for missions, and to evangelize their community.
Church Camp
Hammer Memorial UMC members are firm believers that every child should get the opportunity to experience summer camp. This wonderful ministry started with a group of grandparents taking their grandchildren to church camp and has grown every year since.
We are sending our kids to Pleasant Hill’s camp, here in our own community. Please contact Pastor Gene or Kolby Lewis for more information about this unique camping adventure.
We are one of the only churches around that offers to pay for our members to attend these camps, so early registration is a must!
Vacation Bible School
Hammer Memorial hosts Vacation Bible School during the summer.  All children from the area are invited to attend. 
Dates for 2020 TBA