Sunday School

Hammer Memorial believes that Sunday School is one of the most important places for our youth to express their thoughts and concerns about their faith and their struggles with everyday life, as well as the joy they experience as young Christians. This is an atmosphere in which they can begin to understand how to share their faith, how to stand up for what they believe in, and why they believe the way they do.  Our volunteer teachers believe that Sunday School builds disciples for Christ.


(CCY) Community Christian Youth

CCY is for the whole community-all youth are invited to attend.

CCY for grades 7-12 meets at 6:45 pm every Sunday evening in the Fellowship Hall of the church, and is currently led by Kolby Lewis, with parental support when needed.

Grades 3-6 meet at 6:00 on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

Meals are served at 6:45 pm for both groups.

Our focus is to not only teach Christian values but to show our kids how to put those values to use in everyday life. We believe these values strengthens their faith and gives them the confidence to go forth and evangelize the world.
Please contact Kolby if you have questions about the groups or meeting times at 660-483-0642


Youth Choir

Youth in grades 7-12 participate in the Youth Choir.  There are no auditions, no requirements other than enjoying making a “joyful noise unto the Lord”!

The choir rehearses the first Sunday of each month, during the Sunday School hour.  They perform when they are ready, and a date is then scheduled.  This choir replaces the adult choir on their scheduled time slots, and generally perform two prepared pieces.  They are awesome kids!

Church Camp

Hammer Memorial UMC members are firm believers that every child should get the opportunity to experience summer camp. This wonderful ministry started with a group of grandparents taking their grandchildren to church camp and has grown every year since.
Our young people can attend Camp Wilderness in Lawson, MO.  They may also attend the local camp at Pleasant Hill. Please watch the newsletter and our facebook page for more information for the 2017 camping experiences.  Or contact Pastor Gene or Kolby Lewis.

We are one of the only churches around that offers to pay for our members to attend these camps, so early registration is a must!


Youth in Mission

Our youth work in mission in many different ways.  Through their Community Christian Youth program they assist families in the community with yard maintenance and other small projects.  They assisted our Ladies Groups with their blanket project to provide lap blankets for our friends and family at our local nursing facility.  The kids are also active participants in our Serve Projects, one of which was working to “spiff up” our local museum for the tourist season.  They have also traveled to other communities to assist in whatever ways they are able.

We believe youth in mission produces loving, caring Christian young people who will continue to serve the Lord in this manner as adults.