Adult Ministries 

Sunday School:

  • The Young and the Restless: This group is made up of young parents. Studies are chosen by members of the class, and are relevant to their issues and concerns.  Fellowship is important in each of our classes, so the atmosphere is much like family.
  • The Path Finders:  You will see all ages here!  Some young parents, some empty-nesters, and some are retired folks; all seeking truth and knowledge.  Lessons are topical, Bible-based, informative and disciple-building.  This group fellowships by serving others, as they take on mission projects in the community and beyond.
  • The Pairs and Spares:  These baby-boomers study many different topics, and no subject is taboo for discussion. Currently, they are using Life Guide study guides, some are topical and some are Books of the Bible studies. It is definitely Bible-based. Fellowship and Missions on a local level and beyond keep this class active.
Women’s Ministry: Hammer Memorial women have been involved with the United Methodist Women for many years. Under that umbrella, there have been several different smaller groups that each have an emphasis. In recent years, we have severed our relationship with UMW, but continue to meet in smaller groups. We all follow the mission of the church: To evangelize our community; To disciple our members; and To show care and concern for others. Circles support the local church, the community and United Methodist missions both here and abroad.