What to Expect
It’s Sunday morning.  You say, “Maybe we should go to church this morning, but I’m not sure what to do or what to expect.”  Here are some things that might be helpful to know about Hammer Memorial!

: In King City, Missouri, at the corner of E. Putnam and Hwy 169, right on the main drag. You can’t miss us! Big brick church, says Hammer Memorial United Methodist Church on the sign, red flame and cross on the front of the building!

Worship Time:  Morning service is at 10:30 am.  

Parking:  There are two parking lots, one on the north side of the church across the street; the other is on the south side of the building, both are right off the highway.

Entrances: One on the north side comes into the fellowship hall in the basement. If you don’t want to climb the steps, there is an elevator there.  (Don’t mind the choir, we practice down there before church.)  The main entrance is on the west side, and yes, there are many steps, but there is also a ramp.

Dress: You will see a little bit of everything here, as we are just happy to have you come and worship with us!  From shorts, jeans, flip-flops, t-shirts, to suits and ties.  We are pretty informal, and no one cares what you wear!

The Service: We spend some time at the beginning with announcements, joys and concerns. As you will see, we are a big family, and our neighbors’ joys and concerns are also our own.  We laugh together, cry together, and pray together.  It’s how we get through life- together.    Music is a big part of our service, and there will be getting up and down-just follow the crowd and you will be fine.  Yes, we do take up an offering.  No, we don’t have expectations for a certain amount of giving.  Whatever the Lord lays on your heart to give.  The Word of God is preached here, pretty straightforward, and altar calls are offered.  We share the Communion cup and bread the first Sunday of each month, if that helps you to know.  All of this together is what we call “Worship” and it is all designed to glorify God.

Sunday School: Sunday School  begins before worship service at 9:30 am.  There are classes for all ages: Path Finders (all ages), Pairs and Spares (mostly baby boomers). Some classes offer “treats” and most have coffee, water or tea (or soda).

We hope by now you have decided to come join us!  See you Sunday morning!  If you have other questions, or just want to talk to someone about coming, please call:                                                                                        

Hammer Memorial UMC: 660-535-4551