The music is very important here at Hammer Memorial.  It is integral to our worship, and even though we are considered very traditional, you will hear a variety of styles of music on any given Sunday morning, from country to classical!  

  The music team encourages anyone with a passion to perform to sign up for these opportunities to serve.



Click on the above for a “blast from the past”, music from a 1985 Singspiration held at Hammer Memorial UMC!

The adult choir is an all-volunteer choir made up of males and females of all ages, high school age and up!  We have a wide repertoire of music, from country gospel to classical (on occasion).  The choir performs every Sunday morning, winter and summer, and also for special events.  We are constantly learning new music, but at the same time, we use a lot of old favorites!

Over the years, our choir of approximately 20 members has performed all over, including revivals at other churches, at East Hills Shopping Center, and once on television, for a Christmas special!  We are blessed with wonderful, committed people who love to sing and use that talent to praise the Lord.

The ability to read music is not a requirement to sing in our choir-many of our members do not, yet all of our music is sung in 4-part harmony!  

Rehearsals are held in the church sanctuary, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at 7:00 pm.


Hammer Memorial’s Youth Choir is made up of young persons in grades 7-12 (sometimes 6-12).  There are no auditions required, no previous knowledge of music, just a desire to praise the Lord!  We just want the kids to develop a love of many types of music, and again, to instill a desire to share their talents and abilities as part of their faith journey.

The Youth Choir has only been in existence a few years now, but in that time these young people have come a long way!  We use some CD accompaniments, but one of our young ladies also accompanies the group on the piano.  They like a mix of contemporary and traditional, and for the most part, choose their own music.

Rehearsals are typically on the 1st Sunday of the month, during the Sunday School time.

The youth choir performs several times each year, during the regular Sunday morning worship time. Dates TBA.


 Hammer Memorial believes that music is such a vital part of worship that every person should be given the opportunity to participate in the service.  Congregational songs are only a part of that. There is a special time each Sunday given to “specials” during which individuals and groups sign up to share their talents with their church family. Sometimes people are requested to provide a special, sometimes people have a particular talent they feel led to share, and other times there are “go to” people who always have something ready!


We have a special music team made up of four people who are responsible for making sure there are specials each Sunday.  We keep a list in the choir room, and it gets passed around the congregation every few months, until all the slots are filled.  If we have blank Sundays, we start asking people specifically to do something!  Or we use our “go to” people to fill in.  Doesn’t sound very spirit-led, does it?  Maybe not, but it works, and you would be amazed how God blesses this, and invariably the music flows with the tone of the service.

If you feel led to share your talents, please contact one of the following persons:

Mary Hill       660-535-6294                                                                      
Cindy Anders  660-535-6327                                            
Robin Hannah   816-428-2734
Joy Holeman    660-535-6270


There is not a program at present specifically for children. We would welcome a volunteer who is willing to work with the children to provide a more comprehensive program.

The younger children sing at some of the special events at church, such as the Singspiration and the Christmas Program.


We have a children’s bell choir that performs at Christmas time, but we would love it if they would do more during the year. Robin Hannah has been working with this group, but needs help to work with them on a more regular basis, so if you feel led to volunteer, please contact Robin Hannah (816-428-2734) or Joy Holeman (660-535-6270).


At Hammer Memorial, we believe that a variety of worship opportunities should reflect the diverse congregation we serve. This means that in addition to our regular Sunday morning worship, we need to find ways to serve not only our own people, but to evangelize the community. To do this, we promote special music projects that involve the rest of the community.



Holy Week in the King City community is very important to our area churches. This is a time when we all come together to worship and praise for the reason we exist.  The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord is the very basis for all we believe, and we celebrate the Living Lord in a variety of ways during this season.

The Easter Cantata, sponsored by our local Ministerial Alliance, is held on Palm Sunday evening, at the beginning of Holy Week.  The Cantata choir is an all-volunteer, all-community person choir, made up of all ages.  Rehearsals are held on Monday nights at Hammer Memorial UMC, 6 weeks before Palm Sunday.  No auditions required.  Instruments besides the piano are welcome!  We have a great time, and we feel blessed to be able to serve the entire community in this manner.  The 2015 Cantata was entitled “The Stable, The Grave, The Victory”, and there were(and still are!) CD’s and DVD’s available.  



Hammer Memorial presents an all-musical review called Singspiration, usually scheduled in the spring or early summer. This is an annual event, and offers opportunities for all sorts of talents.  The Singspirations are held on a Sunday evening, and are purely praise and worship, attended by our members and others in the community.

Hammer is blessed with a great deal of musical and theatrical talent, and because we encourage everyone to use their talents the Lord has given them, we believe we should provide a forum for allowing these blessings to flow. We want our young people to let their lights shine, not hide them under a bushel (“This Little Light of Mine”), as well as some of the older population who God is still workin’ on (“He’s Still Workin’ on Me”)!

Watch the 2016 calendar for this event next year!



Hammer Memorial’s Christmas Program is held on the 2nd Sunday evening in December.  The program involves all of the children in the church, from infants to seniors in high school, and is always a highlight of the year. Singing, speaking, plays, and instruments may all play a part in this gala affair, in celebration of our Lord’s birth!

Sometimes the church gears up for an all-church Christmas musical, as we attempted in 2013! We were blessed to present a production of “Four Tickets to Christmas”, a period musical about an early 1900’s vaudeville family, finding their way with family and God. With a little encouragement, our thespian members might be tempted to try another in the near future!  



The King City Ministerial Alliance sponsors a number of special services during the year. The Holy Week cantata, early morning lay services during Holy Week, Good Friday services, July 4th Services in the Park, Thanksgiving Service, among others.

Often, a community choir is a part of these services. This is just another opportunity for people to get together, fellowship, and make a joyful noise in song!